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I have a really great idea for a costume, what do I do now?'


Send an email and let's message/text/talk or even Skype about it. Together, we will figure out what is the best and most flattering way to make it. Lux can draw up an illustration of your idea and make changes to it until we are both happy with the final design.  With years of experience, Lux will make sure your costume is unique. Let's say you want a sailor or an angel costume, but are afraid these ideas have been done too many times, Lux will work with you to make sure you stand out and your costume is stunning. Want to rock the stage in lots of girlie feathers and crystals? Not a problem. Feathers not really your thing? Want something a little more reflective of your fiery personality? Awesome. Let's make it happen.


'I have no idea what I want to be. Can you help me think up an idea?'


Sure can! There are so many types of costumes and even more themes out there, it's really fun coming up with new ideas or even putting a twist on an old concept. Knowing what you think your strengths and weaknesses are in regards to your physique, helps design a very custom costume just for you. Perhaps you love your back, and not-so-much your calves. Lux uses this information to make sure you feel like you are bringing your best package to the stage.


'Do I have to pay for all of my costume when I order it?'


No, however, there is a required 50% deposit on all costumes. Once your costume is finished, you must pay the remaining balance before it can be shipped to you. All costumes must be paid in full before shipping. You must cover the shipping cost as well, so get your orders in early! The farther out a costume can be shipped from competition, the less expensive (and less stressful!) it is.


'What if I decide to not compete in the show you are making the costume for, do I still have to pay for it?'


Once we have agreed upon a design, Lux starts buying supplies, researching, designing and fabricating. If you choose to not compete, therefore the deposit can't be refunded. If your costume is finished and you have paid the remaining balance but decide to not compete, the amount paid on the costume will not refunded. These costumes take hours to create and compensation for the time worked must be paid. If you decide to sell your unworn theme wear because you are not competing however, Lux can help you promote the sale.


'Where are you located?'


Lux is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Costumes, bikinis & shoes can shipped worldwide. Although meeting with competitors in person is always the best, using Facetime or Skype and emailing back and forth is very effective.


'Can I be sure my costume will fit?'


Oh yes, you can. Whether you are measured in person, or walked  through the process of measuring you over Skype or Facetime, your costume will fit. If for some reason your costume doesn't, contact Lux immediately so we can work together to fix any issues you are having. If we can't resolve the issue, ship it back to Lux and the alterations will be done at no extra charge. You must let Lux know the day you receive your costume if there is a problem with fit.

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