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Lux: [luhks] noun;
the SI unit of illuminance.
Rebecca McKenzie has been creating costumes for over 20 years. She has a relentless passion for glamorous pieces. Her style is easily recognizable when one of her costumes hits the stage. Her work is diverse, ranging from conceptual dance costuming to over-the-top fitness theme wear outfits.
Rebecca pours herself into each costume, analyzing and researching every detail. Her approach is to understand the needs of her clients and their inspirations then create a garment or costume that exceeds their expectations.
She also designs, illustrates and drafts her own patterns. She sews and builds each piece in her studio and understands the creative process involved in stage production, while adhering to budget restrictions.
After volunteering her mother to make every single costume for her grade two Christmas play, Rebecca realized she loved costuming. 'I remember how unimpressed my mother was when I came home to tell her I had lent her sewing skills out, but she made it happen. I watched her come up with ways to create all of these outfits on her own with no pattern, in a very limited amount of time. You could say that was the beginning of my career right there.'
Rebecca is originally from Miramichi, New Brunswick. After graduating high school, she attended Langara for Fine Arts in Vancouver. She then continued her studies at the University of New Brunswick and the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, graduating with a Diploma in Fashion Design in 2004.

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